Exceeding the demands 

of Maritime Engineering.

An investment in Africa's Maritime Industry


We have developed a business model based on a Campus construction yard with independent business units working together to transfer skills and knowledge with our vastly experienced team members training up and developing our Groups collective team members.



This has earned us a reputation for safety, quality and consistency and we continue to develop and launch products to the African market.


Legacy Marine, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa commenced operations during 2004 as an incubator project by the OFT Group as an Aluminium Marine Engineering and Construction yard. Our facilities serve as a central yard facility for various designers and branded Marine platforms such as T-Craft, Modcat and Legacy Cats.

Dockpro specialise in custom Modular Flotation Systems for both commercial and recreational markets.

T-Craft since 2004, is a member of the Legacy Marine Group, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and is the appointed Sales, Marketing and Distribution body for our Marine Group.

Modcat specialise in Marine Grade Aluminium Catamarans. We pride ourselves in our ability to design and engineer Marine Grade Aluminium Work boats built to safely handle the toughest conditions.

Legacy Cats, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is an Aluminium Vessel Construction facility. Over the years we have developed our own in-house design ranges that are distributed through our various Sales and Technology partners. 

Our Core Business Sectors


The OFT Group provides its members with Centralized Corporate Governance, Management, and Business Support Services through its subsidiary OFT Holdings, while Technical Projects Management Consulting is provided through OFT Projects.


The OFT Group has four core areas of business investment.



Exceeding the demands 

of Maritime Engineering.



Efficiency is doing things right, by doing the right things.



Energy and persistence 

alter all things.



Touching lives, ensuring a better tomorrow.