Touching lives, ensuring

a better tomorrow.

An investment in Africa's future


Our Community Projects plans are designed to assist our nominated Beneficiaries or Partners with access to opportunities, bespoke services and interventions that will assist their community members.


Our team partners with various organizations to provide tangible impacts on proposed beneficiaries and their immediate community needs.


The OFT Group established its MOC Foundation division during 2009 and is based in Port Elizabeth. Our MOC Foundation's efforts are dedicated to its namesake, Marie O'Connell and represents our Groups interests and how they are used to impact lives. The Foundation was formed as a result of God’s grace and guidance in both Marie and her children’s lives.

Our OFT HR team assists our members in Human Capital Development and provides members with the necessary training and support towards a potential career within our Group.

Our Core Business Sectors


The OFT Group provides its members with Centralized Corporate Governance, Management, and Business Support Services through its subsidiary OFT Holdings, while Technical Projects Management Consulting is provided through OFT Projects.


The OFT Group has four core areas of business investment.



Exceeding the demands 

of Maritime Engineering.



Efficiency is doing things right, by doing the right things.



Energy and persistence 

alter all things.



Touching lives, ensuring a better tomorrow.