Energy and persistence

alter all things. 

An investment in Africa's Energy Industry


With support from a host of international OEM brand leaders, we have proven to be a cost-effective and reputable supplier offering Turnkey solutions relating to Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Power Generation projects allowing us to supply a complete package.


SAN Refrigeration are specialists in Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance, incorporating all of the major supplier brand names. We are also is a leading stakeholder at the forefront of improving Energy demands on Refrigeration Installations. 

SAN Air, established in 2000, has a respectable history of industry commitment in the Air Conditioning discipline. Its major business horizon covers central HVAC system equipment, and premium quality operation and maintenance services.

LPSA commenced service in Africa during 2004 as part of the OFT Group Campus Manufacturing facility. Specializing in the manufacturing and supply of cost-effective, purpose-built OEM Electrical equipment and systems supplied in accordance with the standards and requirements found within the Property Development, Retail, Food, Public services and Business sectors.

Tractorland is the multi-brand ambassador for agricultural machinery, parts, and services. The staff at Tractorland pride themselves on providing efficient and honest service to all their customers. They aim to provide the lowest prices on top quality equipment without compromising on quality. Their specialty is planters, bale feeders, feedout wagons, and mulchers.

Our Core Business Sectors


The OFT Group provides its members with Centralized Corporate Governance, Management, and Business Support Services through its subsidiary OFT Holdings, while Technical Projects Management Consulting is provided through OFT Projects.


The OFT Group has four core areas of business investment.



Exceeding the demands 

of Maritime Engineering.



Efficiency is doing things right, by doing the right things.



Energy and persistence 

alter all things.



Touching lives, ensuring a better tomorrow.